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  A warm welcome to Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews


Hot ones, happy ones, funny ones, fuzzy ones, erotic ones, old ones, dark ones, soppy ones, tear-jerking ones, heart-warming ones, but most of all, the need to be ALL MALE ROMANCE ones!

This blog began in September 2012 when Becs and Monique kicked things off. Since then it has grown from strength to strength, complemented by Mark joining the blog team in June 2013 and further enhanced by the arrival of Debra. Unfortunately, Becs had to leave us in November of 2014 which regrettably led to the closure of the M/F reviews and feature posts. However, the site was re-named and we are now a fully functioning  All Male Romance review blog.
When we have decided to read and review a book, which is sometimes like choosing from a box of chocolates, then we go to work. Well, it isn’t really work when you’re doing something that you really enjoy, but it is always important to have a few guidelines.

Review Policy
  1. Our reviews are always positive, diplomatic, reflective, constructive, fair and honest.
  2. We never publish negative reviews, this helps no one, least of you or the author. We never post reviews of less than 3 stars, as we are a book recommendation blog.
  3. If you wish to do a guest post or giveaway to accompany our review for an extra boost then tell us. We will always help you too if you are new to all this.
  4. We try to stick to release dates of books or even get reviews out before if possible. If your book has already been published a while then that’s no problem either. We will still read and review it and fit it into our busy schedule somewhere. It just may take a little while longer. But once we have said yes then we will read your book, review and post.
  5. Please refer to the category list on the Book Review Request Form below for the genres we mainly read.
  6. None of us read lesbian fiction. We have absolutely nothing against these stories, but we don't feel that we're the right reviewers for those books.
  7. We are also happy to participate in Blog Tours, so if you would like Sinfully to be a stop on your Blog Tour, please contact us and let us know the potential tour dates.
  8. Currently we are only accepting ebooks for review in either mobi, pdf or epub format.
  9. All reviews are also posted on Goodreads and some make it to Amazon so long as they're not too smutty!!
  10. If we have started reading a book and for whatever reason know that we won’t be able to review or finish it then please don’t be too despondent. As we said books are like a box of chocolates and just because it may not have been our cup of tea, someone else may love it. Therefore, we would write to you personally explaining why we weren’t able to review your book.

If you would like the Sinfully team to feature you on our blog then please fill in the relevant form by clicking on the links below:



If you would like us to read and review your book then please fill in this form*.



If you would like a Featured Guest Author Post for you then please fill in this form*.



If you would like to do an exclusive cover reveal with us then please fill in this form*.


*Before  submitting your request please bear the following points in mind;

1) We are a small team of dedicated enthusiasts who administer and manage the blog. It is our passion and we do our best to fit things in around our day jobs, family life, real life and of course the most important thing.........time for reading great books.

2) We read all requests, emails and messages and do our very best to respond.

3) We are inundated and overwhelmed with requests, emails and messages on a daily basis which is fantastic news and feel extremely flattered by this response. However, please don't feel angry or annoyed should we not be able to give an answer to every request. There are only so many hours in a day.

4) If your book appeals to us and it is something our team would like to read and review, we will contact you accordingly to make the necessary arrangements and schedule you for a blog post.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your Sinfully... Addicted to All Male Romance Team.

For general enquiries please contact us at:

We are enthusiastic about the books we have read and really like, so we wish to spread the news about your great book with you. After we have read your book it’s time to write our reviews. This is where we reflect on what we have read, gather our thoughts & feelings and then put them in the form of a review. We will always keep you updated as to the progress of your book review post and advertise once it goes live.  

We are also an approved review blog for the following publishers.........
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